Women’s History Month

In 1980 President Jimmy Carter declared the week of March 8th as National Women’s History week. 

The National Women’s Project. was Founded in 1985 by Molly Murphy MacGregor and Mary Ruthsdotter.  Maria Cuevas, Paula Hammett, and Bette Morga!

In March of 1987 congress officially declared March as Women’s National History Month…

Thus, changing it from a week to a month- long celebration. 

It focuses on observing and studying the important roles of women in the American History. 

The color, purple is internationally often used to symbolize women however there is no chosen color for Women’s History month.

2020 theme was women who fought for rights to vote. “Valiant Women of The Vote!”  It has been continued into 2021 because of COVID-19 and cancellations of celebrations.

There are more than 100 women recognized for Women’s history among these are:

These are just a few and not in any order…

  1. Kamala Harris—First female Vice President
  2. Hillary Clinton—First woman to run for political office
  3. Maya Angelou—Civil rights activist
  4. Anne Frank—Diary of an account of her World War 11 account
  5. Queen Elisabeth—Monarch of British History
  6. Catherine the Great—Ruthless Queen—Empress of Russian Empire
  7. Sojourner Truth—African American abolitionist and women’s rights activist
  8. Rosa Parks—Sparked Civil Rights movement in America
  9. Marie Curie—Developed portable x-ray machine.
  10. Ada Lovelace—Worlds first computer programmer
  11. Edith Cowan—first female member of parliament
  12. Amelia Earhart—-first woman to fly across the Atlantic
  13. Jane Austen —Literary influence
  14. Malala Yousafzai—Nobel Peace Prize
  15. Oprah Winfrey—Used her influence to inspire, educate and empower people.

It is important to recognize women for their contributions to history as at one time women didn’t have a voice and got little credit for their accomplishments.  Women’s rights have come a long way in the course of history but at a slow pace.   

There is much work yet to be done for women to continue to find their voice and place in American History.

There is an abundance of articles on National Women’s History Month on the internet for further information. 

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