Dancing Whispers, Looking through a looking glass now and then,  I see a flourishing green acreage, we once called home.  With children playing yard games to the yellow yard light And fireflies blinking lights in clear glass mason jars never to roam. Playing hide and seek and Red Rover-Red Rover. Those are the times I’DContinue reading “DANCING WHISPERS”

Letters to Myself: Kinetic Energy Within–

I am just a human, I touch, feel, see, taste, hear and smell… However, my perceptions go deeper within the Spirit inside of me. Guiding my words, my thoughts, sending telepathic messages to me daily. Making me become more alert in tune with my surroundings.  Nature is full of many wonders. You can speak toContinue reading “Letters to Myself: Kinetic Energy Within–”

I am But a Whisper in The Wind

I am but a Ghost writer dancing in the billowing breeze of the sweet melody of songs inked upon the pages of time.. WITHIN GOD’S LOVING HANDS I watched the sun setting by the indigo lakeIn the dusk of bright starry night,And the water dance ripples of loveUpon, its orange sky that painted its hueContinue reading “I am But a Whisper in The Wind”

Links to My Publications:

This is a link that has links to all my current publications on LinkTree.. https://linktr.ee/EvaMarieCagley Links to my most recent publications: Spillwords link Exposed:https://spillwords.com/exposed/ Essay on Compassion on The Writers Club: https://greythoughts.info/clubpieces/letters-to-myself-compassion?fbclid=IwAR1Qio5SWI6z7AMKVaJ4TxsKmOefVaqR3ywQJeZcfWTyxXZuPgC05bOCupM Journey of the Heart publications: https://womenspiritualpoetry.blogspot.com/search?q=eva+marie+cagley Poetica 2 Anthology- “My Rainbow Child” To Be or Not to Be A Writer Anthology: Wink WritersContinue reading “Links to My Publications:”