I was following a shadow in the brightest of day

Stumbling in a tunnel, dark, dreary and gray!

No light to in view, I’m alone in the dark

Not a sparrow around now, not even a lark.

Up ahead I saw a gigantic oak tree

Going for an eternity, I can’t see.

But it was then I saw and heard a crow

Threatening Death in its tow.

In desperation, I started up the tree

Staring upward towards a guiding light

Climbing, climbing, continue the fight!

Shadow dreams beaming all thru the night.

A dark and dreary gray place to go

With no one around to save my soul.

So, I travel along life’s journey on a quest

To search for the light that saves the best.

Reaching out from the depths of hell

I saw a dove on a wishing well.

Higher and higher I climb,

To the light I can now see, I’m no longer blind.

Search for the meaning in this dream if you dare

Hold fast to your faith when shadows are there.

Hurry now to the other side

Before shadows dreams swallow you alive!

© Eva Marie Cagley


Sitting along the river bank
I watch the ripples of the Holy water
Dancing to the sound of the rushing
Rapids while crickets whistle a tune
In the wind…

I could stay here listening
To the Silent whispers of God
Blowing in the cool breeze.

Sitting here by the embankment
A rock for my chair to sit upon
I meditate listening to God’s whispers
Talking to me…

So beautiful God’s nature here
A God given gift to us all.
Feeling God’s breath upon my face..
I will stay here meditating
Listening for God’s words to fill my
Heart, Soul, and Spirit…

In the distance I can see Geese
Pruning on a small island of itself.
I am respectful of all God’s creatures.
Knowing I am Blessed to be

Living in this moment.
Appreciating what God has shown me…

Let us be silent now to hear
the sweet Whisper of God!
Dancing off the ripples of Holy water
In the cool breeze…

© Eva Marie Cagley


I watched the sun setting by the indigo lake
In the dusk of bright starry night ,
And the water dance ripples of love,
Upon its orange sky that painted its hue of
Orange and yellow delight!
The taste of sweet tangerines
Still upon my dry parched lips!

Frozen now in my step upon the wooden
Man-made walkway
Gazing out beyond my eyes’ view ,
I could feel myself softly stepping upon
The billowing, colorful sky’s canvas ,
Colors of autumn leaves
formed like the clay in a desert
One would expect to see there.

My God, how sweet the silence here
Hardly an insect sound all hushed now ,
By this aura created by God’s hands…
In the dawning of night ,
It is here I contemplate on life
And it’s worldly things, and I realize
Money can’t buy such beauty transformed

Within God’s hands!

An artist can’t quite capture its beauty
Painted upon canvas
And a poet can’t quite convey this feeling
Of serene in just mere words…
A photograph saved forever can’t remember
This moment in time…
By the quiet cool blue water…

While she sings her song of lover’s embrace!

To have lived in this moment is to capture
within my heart and soul what pictures
And words could never paint
For the words do not ripple against
The wet embankment
And the poet can’t paint this sacred vision

Held within God’s hands…

 I would place you here beside me
Gazing up into the tangerine filled night ,
And have you watch millions of ripples flowing
Sweetly towards you…
Have you hear the sweet silence falling,
Upon the stars that brightly shine as a flickering light!

And when you leave this place, you too will carry
A deep sadness
To have to leave this moment
Held within God’s loving hands!

© Eva Marie Cagley


But a phantom of imagination

Dancing on a downy breath of a kiss

Searching for her lost soul

In the midnight moist mist.

Deep with in the tangled jungle of her mind ,

Looking for a story to rhyme

She is out to spend a dime

And get hooked in the story line.

She is but a phantom of imagination

Dressed in purple velvet of condemnation ,

She is sailing swiftly in the air

Taking no one without a care.

She’s the keeper of your dreams ,

All your childhood schemes.

Caught up on the window screen ,

Lost within just a human being…

She spies an indigo lake she straddles

Along her ID she paddles

She will do the battles

With her earthly travels.

Sailing along on the crisp, clear azure water

She wonders around but doesn’t falter

Keeping his ID from the fodder

Of her mundane mind’s border.

She is but a phantom of imagination

Living long ago with fascination

Kissing the indigo sky with lips of gold

Lost within her soul and growing old…

© Eva Marie Cagley


I awoke upon my burgundy worn out sofa
Having been up all night till 4 am again,
In an unfamiliar state of mind,
Not knowing the direction or time.

Listening to YouTube somehow
Tuning into, ‘’ Angels Among Us” by Alabama
And “You were like my Mother” by Kellie Pickler.
And many more thereafter.

Sobbing In my sleep
Salty tears run down my cheeks
Listening to Heavenly Whispers
From above,

Pulling at my soul
Bringing me to my knees.
Rang up my niece
On messenger,

Reaching out to her.
She said, “The message was very clear.”
Grandma talking to you from above
Reaching down with Heavenly love.

(Giving me a much-needed hug!)

Whispering, “I’m proud of you
And your writing career.
But I’m just a whisper
In the early morning’s dew.”

Don’t come around much to see you!
Letting you know now I’m right within your reach
A song away, an ink drops quilled.
I journey through your weary mind…

Sending you my love with whispering songs
Guiding you along to just the right ones,
Messages from me throughout the day
Stay open now and kneel and pray.

I will always be a song away
A poem to convey
Splattering ink from
A rainbow, well…

Colors to convey my love always
Listening for those ghost whispers in the wind…

© Eva Marie Cagley

Authors note: My writing career didn’t start until after both my parents had passed on; I have often wondered what they would think now. I believe I got my answers through their ghost whispers I heard this morning.


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