Sitting along the river bank
I watch the ripples of the Holy water
Dancing to the sound of the rushing
Rapids while crickets whistle a tune
In the wind…

I could stay here listening
To the Silent whispers of God
Blowing in the cool breeze.

Sitting here by the embankment
A rock for my chair to sit upon
I meditate listening to God’s whispers
Talking to me…

So beautiful God’s nature here
A God given gift to us all.
Feeling God’s breath upon my face..
I will stay here meditating
Listening for God’s words to fill my
Heart, Soul, and Spirit…

In the distance I can see Geese
Pruning on a small island of itself.
I am respectful of all God’s creatures.
Knowing I am Blessed to be

Living in this moment.
Appreciating what God has shown me…

Let us be silent now to hear
the sweet Whisper of God!
Dancing off the ripples of Holy water
In the cool breeze…

© Eva Marie Cagley


Today reach out,
Far and beyond your touch
Look for the beauty 
In one solitary day;
For a moment’s beauty,
Last a life’s span!
Smile and rejoice
Walk hand in hand,
For tomorrow may come
And today’s beauty will have
Passed you by again,
Far and beyond your touch!

© Eva Marie Cagley


But a phantom of imagination

Dancing on a downy breath of a kiss

Searching for her lost soul

In the midnight moist mist.

Deep with in the tangled jungle of her mind ,

Looking for a story to rhyme

She is out to spend a dime

And get hooked in the story line.

She is but a phantom of imagination

Dressed in purple velvet of condemnation ,

She is sailing swiftly in the air

Taking no one without a care.

She’s the keeper of your dreams ,

All your childhood schemes.

Caught up on the window screen ,

Lost within just a human being…

She spies an indigo lake she straddles

Along her ID she paddles

She will do the battles

With her earthly travels.

Sailing along on the crisp, clear azure water

She wonders around but doesn’t falter

Keeping his ID from the fodder

Of her mundane mind’s border.

She is but a phantom of imagination

Living long ago with fascination

Kissing the indigo sky with lips of gold

Lost within her soul and growing old…

© Eva Marie Cagley


Somewhere between the crayons
Lye’s a little girl dreaming in her room.
Coloring a yellow picture of Donald Duck.
In books of Loony tunes,
Quack! Quack! Quack!

Lying on her belly with knees bent up ,
Swinging in the air.
Smiling barefoot without a care
Takes me back now in time there.

Filling the pictures in
With magical visions coloring my head,
With memories of days past
Sleep-overs and playing log on the moist green grass.

Tickles me to think of it at all.
Camping out in the leaky gray old tent
Giggling and laughing, telling spooky stories in the black night fall.
Midnight trips to the bathroom stumbling inside.

Screaming and pretending to be afraid, we’d flee
From my brothers, who scared us all mercilessly.
Tripping in the dark, careful now, don’t fall!
Hurry, run back to the safety of flickering orange candlelight!

In my room now once again, Nighttime talks with my sister back then.
While I sat there and brushed her silky long brown hair
Next morning not remembering a word said!
Talking in my sleep instead. With secrets, I must have kept.

Stuffed animals scattered all over my side of the room.
The long old dresser split down the middle to share.
Hers was neat and mine-scattered papers everywhere.
These are the memories that go through my head.

When I was once young and lived the story told.
Each day a new adventure waiting to unfold.
Oh, how I love to color my world to this day!
Searching the little girl, dreaming away.
Lost within the colors of rainbows past.
Holding onto memories that will always last.

© Eva Marie Cagley


The stars glitter like diamonds in the sky
Rich and too expensive to buy.
Made and adorned on each person’s face
Leaving smiles that can’t be erased.

The floating clouds form pictures of awesome things.
Like angels flying with heavenly silver wings.
Pictures of Jesus riding up in the clouds
Coming on a white horse and chariot galloping down.

I see many formations way up high
The infinity of the vast, beautiful indigo sky.
I watch as the sparrows of life fly by
Stopping to ponder why?

Has God given us such a gift,
That all we need to do is lift
Up, our moist eyes and pray into Heaven’s
Window and see into the souls of man?

For we are all made in likeness of him
Therefore, he is like a chameleon.
He loves both the son and daughter
Like loving Fathers au too.

The pureness is in the hand of God’s love
Shown in all that is made above.
All the breathing things
Holy mirrors reflecting

©Eva Marie Cagley


Looking through a looking glass now and then,

 I see a flourishing green acreage, we once called home. 

With children playing yard games to the yellow yard light

And fireflies blinking lights in clear glass mason jars never to roam.

Playing hide and seek and Red Rover-Red Rover.

Those are the times I’D LIKE TO LIVE OVER…

A brand-new prefab home sits there instead.

The house in ruins torn down not even a single bed…

No place to lay my weary head.

there’s no revolving door anymore, no treasure kept within from before

It’s just you’ve been gone so long, and, in this life, we carry on.

I tarry not here too long, missing you all, how I do.

But these thoughts fill up my head. So, I write them down instead.

Hoping they dance Telepathically to you…

But carry on I will I look for you on a merry lush green hill

Skipping along on a clearly marked gravel trail,

I’m staring into the brightest tangerine sun

Praying on bended knee, you can see me this day.

That you may know my love is here always to stay.

Looking Heavenly beyond the misty white billowing clouds

That form images of yesteryears… Visions dancing ,

Like the way we played music upon the flowered deck and danced…

These memories will always last. Looking through this looking glass.

 It’s been too long since you’ve been gone.

You are always in my heart, my spirit, my soul…

Where I can feel your glowing warmth!

On this frigid winter’s night, I curl up with my favorite afghan from you

 listening to the tune of your whispers dancing in the sweet melody of the night!

© Eva Marie Cagley

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR Eva Marie Ann Cagley I was born and raised in Waterloo Iowa, where I spent most of my time working with teenagers in a group home and at a Juvenile Detention Center as a counselor. Working with teenagers gave me great joy, having had none of my own… I come from a large family of nine children having six brothers and two sisters. I have always had a love for poetry. It has always been a dream of mine to publish a book of my own poems. My first interest in poetry was when I was in Sixth grade English class and we were studying Robert Frost. I have always had a passion for poetry and believe it is a gift from God…It gives me great pleasure to share my poetry with others. There's little else to say about me as my poetry reflects whom I am. My beliefs, perspectives, trials and tribulations, hopes and despair, dreams of all my lives’ journeys… Given with love I leave you now with a place Where Poets Dream! You can find me on are Facebook… My group on face-book is called Lets Talk Poetry Group You can also find me on Youtube. My books: Available on Amazon Kindle & Lulu.com “Where Poets Dream” “Dancing in Heaven” “I Shall Always Think of You” “The Airwaves of My Soul” “In the Garden of My Mind” “God’s Christmas Miracle”

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